Everything about my sound with Trio Bobo

This is my set up when I play with my jazz-rock trio: “trio Bobo”
I use Gibson 174 (1966) or Gibson L5 (1969)
IQS Strings 012-052
I usually put my volume knob at 8 but, if I use Ernie Ball volume pedal, I set the pedal to have same sound and dynamics of the knob.
With the delay, I change often the “tempo” using the “tap” and sometimes I change also the mix (with foot on big knob) to change sound and to have more mix.
To have the sound I use in the song “James Bobo” from the cd “Pepper games” with trio, I add Nemphasis “white scream”, micropog, rev and a little delay.
I use to different reverb, one short and one long .The other pedals are always in the same position as you can see by the video.
Reverb and Delay are stereo and I connect to two amps.